Ayr Baby Saline Nose Spray/Drops – 1 oz

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Baby Ayr restores moisture to dry, crusted and inflamed nasal membranes caused by colds. For babies with congested noses, Baby Ayr loosens and thins secretions to aid in the removal of mucus from the nose and sinuses. Parents will appreciate the unique bottle design which eases application by allowing either drops or spray. Non-medicated formula is safe and gentle on baby’s delicate membranes. Special bottle design eases application. No burning and stinging.Ayr Saline Nose SprayDrops for baby moisturizessoothes sore chapped noses.Medicated.

An Isotonic Solution of Deionized Water, Sodium Chloride (0.65%), Potassium Phosphate/Sodium Hydroxide Buffer (to Prevent Nasal Irritation), Disodium Edta, and Benzalkonium Chloride.

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